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        Master of Ceremonies

1.)      Sunday Omony Book Release. Talented TV show host & Vogue Model hired Wilson to MC her book release and Q & A from the audience.




2.)     2014 DilWalk Red Carpet Gala at The Fairmont Palliser. This was a $200 a plate event
that promotes heart-healthy wellness. Guest Speaker included Danielle Smith.



3.)      Councillor, Ward 2, Joe Magliocca’s 2014 Golf Tourment, and dinner. Attending by several city Councillors, and Premier Jim Prentice.



4.)        Aside from attending and reporting on many charity events to spread the message and support the causes, there was one major project Wilson was a part of.


What is YYCharity? It is a foundation supporting the Calgary community, and helping those in need of financial aid. YYCharity also works hard to highlight local business, and work together with several Calgary based companies supporting charitable causes.


Mission & Vision: No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to raise awareness, educate, advocate, and help.


YYCharity presents the 16th annual “GET SICK WITH ST. NICK” to raise funds for Pulmonary Hypertension, a rare but serious disease.


Will-Steph Wilson – Master of Ceremonies, & Media

"YYCharity has retained the young and vibrant reporter from SHAW TV, Will Wilson was the MC to 'Get Sick With St. Nick' on Dec. 23rd of 2013. Wilson also represents YYCharity's Media and press coverage. Graduated from Broadcasting, she is further taking Marketing at Mount Royal University, actively using these skills to further aid our foundation. Her goal is to purse charitable funds for local Calgarians in efforts to make the local community a better place."

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